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Cave of Wonders Cave of Wonders

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Lots of potential

This game has a lot of potential in terms of mechanics. But then you force the player to start out in a boss battle? That's unbelievably stupid. Why not have a difficulty slope that starts easy, like in every other game?

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Stinky Bean Fling Stinky Bean Fling

Rated 4 / 5 stars


174917 is my best so far. I've got the throw down, but I really don't understand how the monkey works. Sometimes when I hit the bean, it barely flies anywhere, other times it goes up thousands of feet. I understand how to do the throw, but the monkey eludes me.

To throw in excess of 1000mph... pull the mouse back and forth WITH RHYTHM, and NOT IN A CIRCLE. You should see the string eventually getting so long you don't see the bean at all. Release when you're satisfied and your mouse is on the right side. It won't work every time, but generally you'll get several hundred mph or more right away.

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Happy Go Lucky Bear Time! Happy Go Lucky Bear Time!

Rated 2 / 5 stars


A rip-off of Happy Tree Friends Smoochie Valentine, but still quite funny. You could turn this into something much more if you changed the format from a ripoff to an actual game. Maybe allow weapons and see how much damage you can do? Make it more original, and have more to it.

deniumpinoy responds:

dats kool.

Shadow Factory Shadow Factory

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Flip ability?

The big problem with this game is that once you get stuck you are entirely boned. There is no way to get back up without taking a whole bunch of damage. There should be a flip ability.

Otherwise the game was a really good concept with some fun ideas and I enjoyed it. Good work.

Zombie Inglor Zombie Inglor

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

Meh, it was pretty good. You certainly did a good job on it, but the time system was pesky at best and the game mostly was just a big carpal tunnel-fest. The bosses were not difficult - you just needed to have the right items to beat them. They all had incredibly easy patterns, and the only difficult thing about them was that they were an endurance run. I was tested to see if I could keep clicking and doing the same boring patterns over and over, rather than having to dodge at just the right time or something like that.

The time system works in games like Zelda for two reasons: first, if you can't do something because it is the improper time, then there is always a lot of other stuff to do, and second you had the ability to manipulate time to make waiting go a lot faster. In your game, there is nothing to do aside from wait in many cases, and there is no way to make time go faster really, aside from sleeping at your house. Every time I played this I had to wait two days before the pie would be out, because without it there is literally nothing to do. Then in many other cases (trying to get into the mayor's home, waiting for the old woman, waiting for the mushroom cave, waiting for the 13th) I found myself looking at the watch tick by waiting.

So, basically, if you make a sequel, fix the time issue, please. It is a good game dynamic, but it needs to work perfectly or it just pisses people off.

And like I said, the bosses need to be refined, less repetitive and finger-endurance and more skill, or just don't make them hard at all. Because they weren't hard once I saw their pattern.

But that brings another point - save games or passwords are, in my opinion, neccesary for a game like this. In order to learn a boss's pattern, I have to die first, in most cases. Losing 4 days early in the game means you have a large potential to miss some of the best (and necessary) items, like the dragon. If you die twice, chances are you will not have enough time to complete the game anyway. So there should be saves. Rather than losing 4 days (which doesn't even make much sense, logically speaking) just give a game over and force us to load our games. I think I watched the unskippable beginning and killed the first few bosses around 5 times before I beat the game, which was just super tedious. And there is no way to pause this game, either.

But I did beat it. Why? Because I enjoyed it. It was good. But there are a lot of flaws.

Rough Walkthrough:
–Take the scissors. Click the phone. Leave the room.
–Take the flowers. Go east.
–Go east.
–Enter the bar.
–Click the two characters, get the watch and old pie.
–Wait until Tuesday morning. Swap pies (outside of bar).
–Click on the guard to get past, then go that way.
–Talk to Ludy, then go north.
–Click on the girl, get the ID Pass.
–Backtrack to the mayor's house, go in.
–Talk to the mayor, get the gun.
–Go to the graveyard, go in, ignore spiders, go north until you can't anymore, go west.
–Get the key. Backtrack to the door in the wall. Go in.
–Kill Eric. Easy.
–Get the shotgun, go north to the dead end, go east.
–Shoot the rock away.
–Kill the spider queen. Easy.
–Go up.
–Go to the mayor's and talk to him.
–Go west, blow open the fence. Go in.
–Go down the waterfall. Get the duck. Go West.
–Go north, and go east. Go in the west door, get scroll.
–Go north again, open the chest for a shield.
–Backtrack, go in the east door.
–Kill treasure hunters (shield vs. shotgun one, shotgun vs. shield one)
–Backtrack, talk to guy in front of bar for life, talk to lady at fountain on Sun. for bread, beat first gun game for life.
–Go back into cave, take west instead.
–Kill bandit king by using shield and headshotting. Easy.
–Talk to Lyla.
–Backtrack to mayor's house.
–On the 13th, go in your room for the dragon.
–On Thursday, go east of waterfall, click on tiny cave, get Gunx2.
–Go into little mask house, kill other hunter for pheonix.
–Go below the spider queen to kill Disaster.
–Talk to guy in house next to start for better shield.
–Kill Ludy to win game.

Out of space, would have put boss strats too.

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BR's Climate Chaos BR's Climate Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a superb game, just a trifle confusing/annoying at times. To alleviate people from banging their heads in on a few parts, I'm writing a quick walkthrough here.

If you want a full walkthrough, read below. If you just want short answers to some of the harder points (where to dig, for example) scroll down below the walkthrough. However I strongly reccomend doing this game without, as you'll finish it in 8 minutes with this walkthrough, rather than 2 hours.

1) Start on the Hotel Island. Go into the hotel and recieve your umbrella.
2) Go to the top right and get in the boat by talking to the tourguide on the dock.
3) Walk straight ahead until you see a cutscene.
4) Walk into the new hole that formed, then walk to the other end.
5) Go straight ahead until you see an idol. Walk into the thing laying on the ground and watch the cutscene.
6) Walk down until you see a guy standing in front of a house. Talk to him, then click the umbrella to give it to him.
7) Walk slighty to the the right and talk to the girl in front of the colored scales. Choose the green scale, second from the right.
8) Go into the hut the guy used to be standing in front of, and click on the feathered hat in the top left.
9) Go up-left towards the dock, talk to the guy standing there, and tell him your are a chief using your feathered hat (click on it during conversation).
10) Click on the boat to go back to Idol island, then click on the idol and use your mysterious stone disc on it.
11) Go to your left and stand in front of the giant shell, then while it is selected by your camera press the red button to take a picture of it.
12) Walk back to Treasure island by going through the hole, and once there click on the treasure chest to the right, near the reindeer.
13) Use your green scale on the chest to open it, then take the watch.
14) Go back to Hotel island, and talk to the Competition Host to the left. While talking, press the play button on your camera and show him the shell picture.
15) While talking to the hotel owner after winning (the guy with the hat) take a picture of him by pressing the red camera button.
16) Go into the hotel to the gift shop, and use your voucher while talking to the clerk. Now select one of the maps.
17) Leave the gift shop and go into room one. Talk to the bear there and offer him your watch in exchange for another disc.
18) Leave the hotel, then go to the bottom of Hotel island and talk to the seal to get his shovel.
19) Sail to treasure island, then walk left into the big sandy area. Keep moving around and clicking the shovel until you dig up another disc.
20) Head through the hole into Idol island, and put both discs in.
21) Use the rowboat to get to Islander island, then go talk to the chief.
22) Show the chief the picture of the hotel owner (his son), to recieve the last stone.
23) Head back to Idol island and replace the stone to win, and enjoy the amusing final cutscene.

– You can get the seal's shovel after you have messed up the weather by disturbing the stone.
– You win the shell contest by taking a picture, there is no way to actually carry the giant shell back.
– To get off Islander island, you need to give an umbrella to the islander standing in front of a house, then get the hat inside the house, then use it on the guy guarding the boat.
– To open the treasure chest, take the green scale from the islander girl.
– To dig up the last symbol, head to the second island (Treasure island) and to the sandbar on the left, then click the shovel. You must also have the map. (if you look at the map, two sandbars and the hole are matched on it)
– To make the chief happy, you need to bring him a picture of his son (the hotel owner), which you can do after winning the shell contest.

Hope that helps everyone. :-)

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


Pretty boring, and easy. I upgraded my gun every time and never got close to dying. I quit at level 21 with 3700 kills.

Moroni's March Moroni's March

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Too many bugs. Lots of bugs. I lost my expensive mystic guy to one and finally decided to quit. People often get stuck in the ground, sometimes will hop over stoppers, etc. etc.

Stickskater Stickskater

Rated 4 / 5 stars


My only real complaints are the stickman and the German. I can't read German. And I couldn't find any way to perform the secret pipe trick even after unlocking it, nor could I even beat level two of manuals. My favorite was definitely street.

Try cheat 7319... I have no idea what it does, but it works. :-)

Unreal Flash Unreal Flash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The game was great, but there were a few bugs that made it very easy to win:

Killing yourself or a teammate scores a point. On the last levels, I just killed myself faster than they could to score the win.

In the last level before the final battle (Area 51?) you can fall off the left side of the level with no hope of coming back. Get a computer to chase you here and you can make him jump off, thereby removing him from action, enabling you to kill yourself for the win.

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